We Need True Community Representation

After co-founding the environmental, government accountability, and community advocacy group People of Long Beach, Juan took on City Hall special interests to fight against last year’s misleading set of charter amendments.  Along with the Long Beach Reform Coalition, on whose board he serves, he continues to raise awareness about the dire long-term issues facing our city.  Fiscal mismanagement and the corrupting influence of big money in politics continue to deny us the services and benefits we deserve and have paid for, as well as potentially denying the next generation even more.


Problems Have Solutions

Juan’s budget priorities will focus on restoring public safety by fully funding our police department, still reeling from the loss of 200 sworn officer positions some years ago, yet never restored, and on environmental health concerns, stemming from emissions from the port and 710 “Diesel Death Zone” corridor.  Nothing is more important than personal safety on our streets and the safety of the air we breath and the soil our homes are built upon.

The time for change in the 8th District and on the Long Beach City Council has arrived.  It’s time for bold new leadership.  Join Juan in making our city and community a better place to live and thrive, today and for years to come.

Former L.B. Councilwoman Rae Gabelich
Endorses Juan for the seat she previously held

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Juan signs Long Beach Reform Pledge

Juan Ovalle signing Long Beach Reform Pledge

Juan Ovalle signing Long Beach Reform Pledge (see below)

The Long Beach Reform Pledge

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This video is Juan in an interview hosted by German Ángel of Enfoque Latino, a local bilingual program.
The Oct 3 filming will air on Mondays at 10 PM in the city of Long Beach (Frontier Communications channel 41 and Spectrum Communications channel 32) in the following weeks. The program is also available on their website: www.enfoquesocial.tv


On Saturday September 14, 2019, we had a very successful Volunteer Kick-off Event!

Thanks to so many wonderful neighbors, friends and community advocates that joined us! I am looking forward to working together in making this campaign about our community and the issues that we all care about. This campaign will not be possible without the generous support from all of you! This is truly a grass roots effort, from people that really care and love our city.

Join our campaign and be part of the solution by volunteering here: http://juanovalleforcouncil.com/join-us/.

Juan speaking truth to power at the Fire Station 9 town hall meeting

Here’s Juan speaking the truth when faced with Al Austin-presided over city bureaucratic obfuscation. We got very few answers at the town hall on the closure of our community’s critical public safety asset Fire Station 9. One big one: Why was the station allowed to fall into such apparently terrible disrepair, now costing us response times while we wait for the mammoth cost of building a new station?!



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